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Estate sales are on-premises sales of household items; it is the most efficient and financially rewarding way to dispose of personal property.

Estate Liquidation, Auctioneer, & Appraisal Services for Central, South, and North Jersey.

What Will Sell?

Anything that has ever been acquired at any time will sell in an estate sale.

Cars, antiques, furniture, lamps, wall art, silver, china, furs, figures, rugs, toys, books, records, stationery, playing cards, appliances, utensils, pots and pans, glassware, bath and table linens, clothing accessories, purses, gloves, hats, scarves, precious and costume jewelry, workbenches, power and garden tools are only examples of what can and will be sold.

If we feel that some unique items deserve another market, such as a New York then we explore those markets also. The items unsold remain the property of the owner, who decides what is done with them in the end.  Items that do not sell are removed upon request.

What We Do For You.

Once the owner decides what is to be sold, our services are provided right up to settlement.

The services performed include set-up, pricing, advertising, conducting the sale, removal of unsold items, appraisers' fees, overseeing cleanup and leaving the premises broom clean if that is what you wish.

Our Fees

Each sale is different.   There are no up front fees, Advertising is paid for out of the proceeds of the sale. Our fee is either a minimum or a percentage of gross sales and is always competitive.

Time Frame for Sale.

To prepare a sale takes several days of set-up (organizing, displaying, pricing, and advertising).

The sale itself takes place over the weekend - Thursday through Saturday or Friday through Sunday or longer, depending on the quantity of sale items. Afterwards, one day of cleanup and removal can be expected.

Note:  Fees for trash removal and disposal and cleaning fees are separate.


    * Glass

    * Household Contents

    * Medals

    * Military Items

    * Native American and Eskimo Art

    * Personal Property

    * Prints

    * Rugs

    * Silver

    * Sporting Items and Memorabilia

    * Tapestry

    * Textiles

    * Automobiles

    * Books and Manuscripts

    * Carpets

    * Ceramics

    * Clocks and Watches

    * Coins and Paper Currency

    * Collectibles

    * Craft:Modern and Contemporary

    * Fine Art

    * Folk Art

    * Furniture and Decorative Arts

    * Gems and Jewelry


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